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Friendsline uses technology to provide mental health seminars to women and girls in developing countries.

Step 1
Identify and partner with local charities in developing countries as a way of reaching out to women and girls.
Step 2
Send equipment to local partners to create a virtual link for mental health seminars.
Step 3
Impact the mental health of women and girls in developing countries around the world on a weekly basis.
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Why We Should Stop Judging Addicts

By Avisha Holly To the people who say addiction is a choice and a moral failing. I hope we learn to be better. Here we are in the 21st century, more civilized, rational and educated, yet we still tend to judge those that are different to us. Over the course of human history, the consensus […]

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International Women’s Day – The Missing Pieces

By Jhanvi Gudka There’s just under a week to go until International Women’s Day (IWD) and if the past few years are anything to go by, we can expect social media to be filled with posts about female solidarity and women’s empowerment, thousands of people attending events around the world that have been months in […]

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“Man Up” – A Silent Epidemic

By Nischal Randev and Avisha Holly ” Man up” we say. Of course most of the time we are using this term in a humorous way. But when one reads deeper into this we discover there is a silent epidemic in men’s mental health which relays very much back to this. The perception of “Masculinity” […]

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Our Friends

Meet some of the women and girls Friendsline has connected with.

Sushma Devi

Sushma Devi


After escaping her abusive husband and in-laws along with her two daughters, Sushma Devi and her eldest were found to have contracted HIV from her husband. Friendsline has helped her to tackle the stigma around HIV and develop her health knowledge and confidence. She is now a knowledge resource in her community.




    Mahima's mother was a victim of prostitution, eventually committing suicide after it became apparent that one of her relatives may know what she was doing. Mahima dreams of becoming a teacher.

      Kisna Devi

      Kisna Devi

      47, from Himachal Pradesh

      Kisna Devi was abandoned by her abusive husband soon after becoming pregnant with her son and was disowned by her family. She suffered deeply as a young woman but has never failed to smile during any Seminar session.




        Gauri's tragic story began when she went out of her home village to take an exam. Gaunri was raped by three men in a book shop and left to die. She was luckily rescued and unlike most other cases in Nepal the men were found and after years of trial were put in jail. Her dream is to become a lawyer and specialise in helping rape victims.

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