Don’t Break Apart.
Couple Holding Hands at Sea Sunset

– By Natasha ZA It is a time for reflecting… After the beautiful hangover of Christmas day, we tend to ambush shopping centres, gorge a little more on the leftover turkey (nut roast for the vegetarians) and sit around telling ourselves that next year will be our year. The days draw closer to the new […]

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Aboard the All Boys Team

– By Anonymous Women’s rights in the workplace have come a very long way in a short time, but we still have some work to do. My experience comes from the Finance world, where previously women had limited career choices and also had to adopt a more masculine approach to fit in. With time, these […]

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Gender Equality, A Mans Problem.

– By Rajiv Kotecha The responsibility of gender equality is not just that for women. In fact, I would argue that men’s role is more important, because it is men’s opinions, thoughts and behaviours that need to change. We have come leaps and bounds from the days of serious racial and hate discrimination – there […]

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Cricket- The Potential to be more than just a Sport?

– By Akshay Loomba I shouldn’t be writing a blog but I am. Friendsline is a charity that shouldn’t exist but it does. Men and women should be equal but they aren’t. In an ideal world, there would be no gender inequality however this is a prevalent issue that even in 2016 where planet earth […]

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Next to Every Successful Man is a Woman!

-By Veer I have grown up in a lifestyle where I have been surrounded by women in business. This exposure has, I believe contributed to the outlook of my life and had a significant effect on where I stand today. Growing up in a predominantly male oriented household, a lot of my traits have been […]

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