– By Natasha ZA During the latter half of 2016, I found myself losing sight of certain goals, losing a sense of reality I had created for myself. This part of my life is something I call “development” or less eloquently “the search for tash, wherever she may be”. Jhanvi’s post last week on self-love […]

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7 Effective ways to thrive in Love, Home and your Career.

– By Jennifer Tavarez I was raised to believe that it was selfish for us women to pursue our dreams while raising a family, that once you became a wife there was little room for “wants”, that been an “extraordinary” woman, devoted wife and good mother meant sacrificing all of who you are in the […]

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The missing ‘i’ in love.

– By Jhanvi Gudka I recently stumbled across this Ted talk by Mandy Len Catron where she interrogates the notion of love and how the language we use to describe love shapes our experience of it. Mandy hones in on a handful of words such as ‘falling’, ‘struck’, ‘smitten’ and ‘crazy’ all of which have […]

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