Oral Hygiene Seminar

November ended with a highly successful seminar on Oral hygiene and Oral health for more than 30 women and children in Dharamshala, India. The seminar was produced with input from Dental Professional Maydini Weeraman whereby she demonstrated brushing techniques, discussed the importance of diet, and the link between chewing tobacco and cancer (particularly topical to […]

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A girl in the corporate world.

– By SGR Thakrar To start with the positives, as we should, I went to a girls school where gender equality was not even a question and started on a graduate scheme on which my cohort was exactly half female. While by no means do I believe this representative of all the Western world, on […]

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She Takes On the World
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 15.18.35

– By Shika Bodani After two years as a finance analyst, I decided to leave the banking world and pursue my dream to start my own fashion business, Front Row. Front Row is a luxury rental retailer, specializing in renting out designer clothing, accessories and handbags in London. With the rise of apps such as […]

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‘Ain’t no Mountain High Enough…’

– By Avisha Holly Shock. Fear. Shock again. Disbelief. Repeat. Today marks history. People of the largest superpower in the world voted for a man who not only openly spoke about “grabbing women by the pu**y” but has been accused of sexual assault on countless occasions. The moral of the story? It’s okay though. He […]

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Why do we have to call out the sheer brilliance of women?

– By Natasha ZA Before today, the frame of this article was solely to celebrate “Women in business” Structurally it was planned out Bring out the statistics that prove the boost of female talent coming into the pipeline of business is something to admire Discuss how women, especially at entry level, are fighting and pushing […]

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Why women need to stop trying to take the traditional path to success
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– By Naiya Khagram  A recent report called “Women in the Workplace 2016” yielded some unsurprising news about the difference between men’s and women’s experiences at work. Some notable statistics from the report include: Every 100 women promoted to manager, 130 men are promoted. By the time women reach the Top level within their field […]

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