What I would advise my younger self…

Friendsline asked a variety of people, men and women, between the ages of 20-70 ” If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?” Here we share our responses.

On Life

No one is perfect, everyone is finding their own way and probably ‘winging’ it too.

Don’t take things for granted!

When I get stressed now, I always think to myself….’is this going to affect me in one year’s time’. Usually the answer is no and I find it easier to let go of what is bugging me. So that is what I would tell my younger self, I spent far too much time over thinking things which I thought were important that weren’t.

Understanding that you can never control another human beings behaviour but what you can control is the way you react to a situation.

if you want to go somewhere, just go and if you want to experience something, just do it (providing its within your means) – don’t give yourself too many “what if” situations in life

Learn to see things from different perspectives, never limit yourself to just one point of view.

The Sea is full of fish – so get out and start fishing, and don’t be afraid of the water!

Try to let go of pain and bad memories – it will only stop you from making space for better, new ones.

Have lots of fun and don’t stress too much about having to do well at school!

Don’t be in a rush to grow up, it sucks!

Love it all, don’t resist what comes, celebrate everything, have faith over fear and it will transform; finally, always be grateful, because even the worst storms come to pass and still make room for the sun to shine.

On Friendships and Family

Focus on the few people that inspire, encourage and empower you to be the very best version of yourself. The quality of a friendship is far more important than how big the circle or how long you’ve known someone.

Appreciate all those close to you whilst your young and before it’s too late.

True friends are those who put the same effort in as you do for them, tell those who don’t!

On yourself

Don’t worry about trying to fit in, about trying to bend yourself, your views, your appearance, your answers…to meet or exceed the expectations of others. Be true to yourself, have courage, have faith and be kind. Always be kind.

Always remember to be true to yourself.

Eat all the carbs you can while your metabolism is at its best!

You must become what you want to see. Know that your power is within not without and that you are always guided, even when it does not seem like it, so think bigger and feel deeper.

If something you thought you wanted doesn’t go as you initially planned, whether that be a relationship, an idea or an interest, don’t waste too much time dwelling on that. Just because it’s what you first set out for, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right, so don’t be stubborn or too afraid to turn your back on it.

Keep Fit and do Exercise!

I would tell myself be honest with who you are and let go of toxic people. Popularity doesn´t last but bad memories do.

Trust yourself and your first intuition as the right answers are always there inside yourself. Speak up if something feels wrong.

Be more confident in yourself, be proud of your identity, proud of your heritage and be patient.

On Career

Be patient and don’t compare yourself to other people’s paces. Concentrate on your own path and work hard enough to achieve what you set out to do. Never get comfortable.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that it makes you mentally ill – there will always be another chance to give that opportunity a go.

I should have trusted more in my own ability and listened less to others on guidance what to do in life.

Working hard is important but its fine to not know where you are going to be in life and what you will become. Choose to study something you really enjoy and are passionate in, rather than something that will either get you the most money or will most please friends/family.

Study harder than you did, but not too hard.

Do some work experience whilst you study. That way you’ll know what you definitely don’t want to do.

If you’re passionate about something, take the opportunity whilst you have more time to learn all you can about whatever it is, so you can push to excel at it. It’s never too late to follow a certain path in life but it sure is a hell of a lot easier to succeed if you start younger!

Don’t be so hard on yourself – if you make mistakes, it’s ok, because it means you’re learning.

if your initials dreams are not successful, don’t give up – there’s a reason for things planning out the way that they do (you might not just know it/be able to see it yet)

On Love

Never settle for the sake of societal pressure, family or just cos your friends are. Spend the rest of your life with someone that you are compatible with not just because you’re too afraid to be alone!

Appreciate each other and laugh every day together!

Don’t get into a relationship too young. When you learn to depend on yourself for love, for assurance, for support, for strength, you then become a person who enters into anything as a full whole self.

Follow your heart over friends, family and society and never have any regrets.

Never say never. Sometimes you get what you wish for, despite the odds against you.

Relationships will always have disagreements, listen to understand not to speak back.

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