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If you believe as we do that empowerment of women and girls is the key to international development please see ways you can support us below.


The Friendsline network is powered by your donations.

We use our donations to fund the equipment which facilitates our mental health seminars. This includes sending a laptop, a projector, an internet connection, yoga mats and other props to each of our partners. Therefore every penny goes towards helping improve the mental health of women and girls in developing countries.

We thank everyone who has supported our journey so far.




We believe that every person on earth is of equal value and that women’s rights are human rights. To stand by and show your support to this motto have a look at one of our Friendsline bracelets below, available in grey or mint. All funds towards the cause.  

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For enquiries or ways to get involved please email or use the contact form on the 'Get in Touch' tab. Alternatively download and compete the application form by clicking here.